Yoga: Positions To Move Your Bowels

If you are looking for relief from constipation, then this yoga positions might be of help to you. These particular yoga poses, does not target only this area of the body, but it also helps in relaxing the body, and also reduce the effect of stress. It will also help you to alleviate constipation.

Each of these yoga poses, specifically targets the abdominal as well as lower back region. They strengthen and also tone the muscles of the body’s core, which cause the flow of blood to this region. This benefits not just the muscles alone, but the organs as well. In addition to this, many of these poses, helps to align the core and also massage the internal organs; all of which aids digestion and relieves constipation. Here are some of the poses;

1. Seated Poses

We will consider four types of poses here, which are the seated spinal twist, half spinal twist, as well as and the bow pose.

Seated spinal twist: This pose has great benefits. Not only does it help in providing relief to current constipation but it also aid in digestion. Practicing this particular type of pose on a daily basis and also executing it on both sides, is a very good step. This activity will initiate a well-functioning digestive system as well as regular movement of the bowel.

Half spinal twist: This particular type of posture is less extreme than the seated spinal twist. It is a good one to try out, if the full spinal twist is uncomfortable for you. Although the half spinal twist may not have as deep of a digestive effect as the full twist, the benefits for the digestive system are certainly available, especially with constant practice of the pose, together with deep breathing and relaxation.

Sage twist: This particular type of pose works on the spinal area, above where the other twists targets, which have the tendency to increase the flow of blood to the digestive system. Increase in the flow of blood is a strong and powerful way of addressing intestinal problems.

Bose pose: starting from the position where you lie on your stomach, this powerful backbend has the capacity to strengthen the muscles of the back, open the front of the body, as well as massage the intestinal area.

2. Standing poses

Under the standing pose, we have the warrior pose, triangle pose and others.

Warrior pose: Numerous versions of the warrior pose helps in digestion as well as constipation. They do so by aligning all of the right muscles and organs, in order to allow bowel movements.

Triangle pose: The all in one pose. For this, consider both a forward bend and a spinal twist. The triangle pose, is a very powerful tool for digestive health.

Relieving constipation with Yoga

All of these poses of yoga, which moves the bowels are powerful tool for reducing constipation. It is also very important that practicing yoga consistently can have some positive effect on overall wellness. For it to be very effective, you should practice on an empty stomach and ensure that you are well hydrated throughout the day. Also, always eat healthy diets to stay healthy.