Yoga and Weight Loss – It Works!

Unfortunately a lot of us, at one time or another have done something stupid to reduce weight – from some of those crazy fad diets, over the top exercise routines (that only professionals should try), to fasting and appetite suppressants.

Thing is in trying to find a get-thin-quick scheme everyone has missed out on one of the best ways to reduce weight around – YOGA!

That’s right yoga is a great way to reduce weight! Thanks to some of those late night infomercials people are led to believe that an ab machine or other effective weight loss tool is the way to go and that creams, powders and tablets are the only way to achieve weight loss – unfortunately you are not losing weight trying these – you are just losing your money.

You don’t really have to feel the burn – at least not with yoga.

While diet and exercise really is the only way to effectively reduce weight – yoga has real potential to help you reach your goals. Not all forms of yoga will help you lose weight but some special types of yoga such as Power Yoga will have you raising a sweat and burning calories in no time. Yoga in general doesn’t have the movements that get your heart rate pounding but there are some forms of yoga – like a power yoga that will help you shed the kilos and keep them off. Yoga is great for stress relief and can be combined with other exercises for a more all round approach to weight loss and a sense of well being.

You can use yoga as your main form of exercise with a goal to reduce weight, but you must be aware you need to engage in a yoga class that is at least 90 minutes long and a yoga class that includes a lot of positions and/or movements that will raise your heart rate to a fat-burning level at least 3 days a week.

If you can combine a yoga class like this with other forms of exercise such as running or power walking you’ll not only reduce weight but you will gain strength and flexibility as well.

The most strenuous forms of yoga include movements that not only raise the heart rate but also tone muscles. Moreover it not only lowers your stress levels but also increases insulin sensitivity. This tells your body to use the food you eat as fuel and not to just store it as fat. Yoga also helps with digestion and improves blood circulation around the glands that control appetite – just some more evidence to show that yoga can help you reduce weight.