Becoming A Yoga Instructor: Things You Must Know

On a general note, before an individual can be a yoga instructor and also allowed to teach yoga, you need to have three things; teaching certificate, accredited status from a yoga institution as well as a license. The most important thing to note here is that this was not always the case for yoga. It was a discipline handed down from teacher to students. Once teachers perceives that the student have gained enough knowledge of the discipline, they immediately promote him or her to the status of a teacher.

As a teacher, you are able to pass the knowledge to the next generation. This was the situation some years ago, when yoga teachers where not possessing any qualification but where still able to teach yoga in places like gyms. Then all of a sudden, yoga started gaining more popularity. The number of yoga teachers was increased tremendously. This made some prominent yogis, to see the reason why they should set the teaching standards and govern the system properly. Different bodies were born, but the most significant thing is that all of them upheld very similar minimum standards.

As a result of this, for those that are willing to teach yoga, here is what you must do

1. Get a certificate by training with an accredited course

2. Obtain a yoga teaching insurance. This is achieved by presenting your certificate

3. Make your choice, if you would like an accredited status with one of the associations

Things to consider before taking your final decision to practice yoga.

1. Experience

The question that bothers the mind of many yoga teachers that are just starting is, “am I really good enough?” The answer is yes you are! You must not be an expert for you to become a yoga teacher. Yoga is particularly for everyone, so if you have the mind to learn, then you will improve and be good enough. That said, you should have some amount of experience under your sleeves. There is no designated length of time that you have to practice before you can enroll for a teacher training-course: most persons are ready after about one year of dedicated practice whereas others might take more than 10 years, due to less frequent practice

2. Motivation

Why have you decided to become a yoga teacher? Do you intend to deepen your practice, gain more enlightenment or just get thin? Is it actually your calling or a phase? You have to make sure that the decision to become a yoga teacher comes from you, and you are not just following friends or fashion.

3. Timing

The first word of yoga Sutra is atha, which means now. When treading the yoga path, time is the key. You have to ensure that you are fully prepared for and focused on the journey ahead of you. You are also required to put in the commitment that is required to get the best out of yoga.

The journey to become a yoga teacher is very enjoyable. The most important thing is to located the appropriate place to enroll. This will make you even enjoy learning it the more.