A Guide To 6 Major Yoga Styles For Beginners

Going through the class schedule at your gym, to find a good yoga class to attend? Finding the right type of yoga can be very confusing. There are numerous styles to practice but for beginners, here are a few that will guide you.

1. Ashtanga

This particular pose is based on ancient practices. It was popularized and brought to the West in the 1970’s. Ashtanga is a rigorous style of yoga that assumes some specific sequence of postures. It is similar to vinyasa yoga, as each of the styles have a way of linking every movement to a breath. The only difference between the two is that ashtanga performs the same poses, in the exact manner. Get ready for a hot, sweaty as well as physically demanding practice.

2. Anusara

This particular type of yoga was developed in 1997. It is therefore a newcomer in the yoga world. It is centered, on that believe that we humans are filled with some intrinsic goodness. Anusara’s aim is to use the physical practice of yoga to help students to open their hearts, experience grace as well as let their inner goodness to shine through.

3. Bikram

This yoga style was introduced about three decades ago. When going for a Bikram class, you should just prepare your mind to sweat a lot. You will certainly sweat like you have never sweat before as you go through a series of 26 yoga poses. Bikram is also very similar to ashtanga, which always follows the same sequence.

4. Hatha

Hatha yoga generally refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures. Almost all the types of yoga classes taught in the western region is hatha yoga. Once a class is marked to be hatha yoga, it basically means that you will have a gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures. Unlike bikram, you will not leave a hatha class sweaty. But at the end of the class, get ready to leave feeling longer, looser and also more relaxed.

5. Iyenga

Iyengar is another special style of yoga. It is a meticulous one, with utmost attention paid on finding the right alignment in a pose. Well, there isn’t much jumping around in this class, so your rate won’t get up. But will find out for yourself, how physically and mentally challenging it is for you to stay put. If you want to become an iyengar teacher, you have to undergo a comprehensive training.

6. Vinyasa

Vinyasa is the Sanskrit word for “flow.” Its classes are known for their fluid, movement and intense practices. During vinyasa classes, music are often played to keep the environment lively. The intensity of this style of yoga is similar to ashtanga.