Expert Style Tips To Instantly Transform Your Figure

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished that there was something you could immediately do that would quickly and easily improve your figure. Would you like to reshape your figure, look 10 lbs thinner, 2 inches taller, have a fuller bust line, or disappear a large bottom? Well with the following professional tips and advice your wish as been granted and you will be able to instantly visually transform and enhance your figure.

Use Line Illusions – There are four types of line vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved. Each type of line creates a different kind of illusions. Vertical lines create a slimming elongated illusion. Use verticals on areas of your body you want to look thinner or longer. Horizontal lines create a wide shorten illusion. Use horizontal lines on areas of your body that you want to enlarge or shorten. Diagonal lines divert the eye away from the area it is used on. Use diagonal lines on areas of your body you want to conceal and camouflage. Curve lines create the illusion of rounded curves. Use curve lines on areas of the body you want to lift or look curvaceous. Line illusion is one the most effective techniques you can use to reshape and transform your figure.

Employ The Power Of Color – Color can be used 3 ways to transform your figure. One by applying light colors to areas of your body you want to accentuate or enlarge and dark colors on the areas of your body you want to conceal or make look smaller. Two dress monochrome (all in one color) which will make your appear slimmer and taller. Three use color to create flattering lines.

Utilize The Effects Of Fabric – When selecting fabrics to transform your figure you have to take into consideration the weight and texture of the fabric and if the fabric has a print. Medium to lightweight soft non-cling fabric with a smooth matte texture will slim the area of the body they are worn over. Heavy bulky or stiff fabric with shiny or ruff texture will add weight and fullness to the areas of the body they are worn over. Bold bright prints and patterns will make you look heavier. Vertical prints will slim and elongate the areas they are worn over and horizontal prints will widen and shorten the areas they are worn over.

Don’t Forget To Accessorize – Accessories are a great way to add flattering lines where you need them. Want to slim a large bust line add a triple layer necklace that ends ½ inch or more below the bust line. Want to accentuate a small waist add a wide bright belt. Want to elongate your neck put on a pair of dangling earrings. Accessories are an inexpensive, fun and powerful way to successfully transform your figure.