Ways to Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

We put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that we eat meals on time and eat adequately. However, the whole scene changes once we deliver. Post-delivery we realize that the excess baggage that looked cute on us when we were pregnant suddenly starts to look as flabby and excess layers. It is a catch 22 situations, since you are breastfeeding, you cannot go on a crash diet, since you had a caesarean delivery you cannot opt for CrossFit to lose weight quickly but if you do not take things in your hand you will never return to your old clothes. Hence, you must take one step at a time and draft a realistic plan to lose weight post pregnancy.

Here are some ways, that will help you to lose weight post pregnancy in a realistic manner.

Have Patience: Motherhood is the true test of patience and your loved one’s must surely be trying yours to the maximum. Now, you also must be patient enough with your weight loss. You need to understand that just as it took 9 months to gain that weight, it will also take some months to shed them. You cannot expect overnight weight loss. So, no matter what steps you are taking to shed those extra kilos it is important that you keep a realistic goal. Post new mothers suffer from depression about the way they look because they think that they are unable to shed those kilos asap. Give your body time to lose them.

Indulge in “Me “Time: You must be wondering how does indulging in “Me “time aid in weight loss. Once the babies are born our world revolves around them. The entire day we are at attention to our little one’s demands and requirements. In between all this hustle bustle we completely forget about ourselves. This is when we easily slip into a vicious cycle of depression. Hence, it is important to take out some “Me “time from the all-day long “Mummy Time”. If nothing, spend some time in the park amidst the greenery so that you can be alone with your thoughts. Do things that you like to do as read a book you were longing to read and so on. These trivial things will help you stay positive and happy and trust us it will also make you a better mummy.

Detox in the morning: Motherhood also comes with breastfeeding. We cannot go on a crash diet like others to lose the weight as it will impact our milk flow. However, the good thing is that the more we breast feed the more calories we burn. Also, we can include some things in our diet that will increase our breast milk and help us to lose the weight. Soak fennel seed overnight in water and drink it the morning. The water detoxifies your body and the fennel seeds increases breast milk. Similarly, ajwain boiled water if sipped throughout the day is known to have similar benefits on your body.

Motherhood is undoubtedly a beautiful journey. Enjoy every moment of it and remember other things will also fall into place you just have to give them some time.