The Best Medication for Stretch Marks

Having stretch marks is certainly not fun, especially for women. It prohibits you from wearing revealing clothes and even your favorite swimsuit. Stretch marks really have to go, and in a very fast way at that.

Today, there are a lot of methods used to remove stretch marks. Each employs different procedures and has different requirements. The best medication for stretch marks can vary from one person to another, because the removal procedure may prove to be effective on a person with certain qualities but not with others.

To help you decide which will be the best stretch mark medication for you, here are the most common and the most popular methods:

1. Dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure to remove the unwanted marks off your body. First, the skin is frozen for sometime. Then a special instrument is used to smoothen the skin. The procedure constitutes of sanding the skin to reveal a new layer of the skin. Only a dermatologist surgeon can perform this procedure.

2. Chemical Peels. With a chemical peeling procedure, a specialized chemical formula is applied onto the skin. The solution will cause the skin to erupt then peel off. Once it does, new skin comes out which is definitely smoother when compared to the old skin.

3. Laser stretch mark removal. With this procedure, a laser beam is directed to the skin all around the stretch mark. Then it focuses on the stretch marks it self by slowly removing the thin layers of the scarred skin. The procedure is done repeatedly until the entire area is removed. That area will eventually heal as the new layer of skin forms.

4. Stretch Mark Removal Creams and Lotions. If you do not want to subject yourself to surgical or laser procedures, you can settle for the lotions and creams. These are always available over-the-counter and can be bought without any prescription. The effectiveness of these creams depends entirely on its manufacture.

5. Diet. Do you know that diet can actually help heal stretch marks? Try to drink plenty of water. Water makes the skin smooth and soft. With a skin like this, stretch marks are not likely to develop. Cut of coffee instead. It contains substances that can induce the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Also consume food rich in vitamins, zinc, and protein. Nutritional deficiency can also produce stretch marks.

6. Exercise. For a firmer skin and a healthier body, exercise is the key. Stretch marks can be reduced if a good workout routine is performed regularly. With a fine, solid frame, stretch marks are not likely to develop.

Stretch marks can be caused by pregnancy. Your tummy expands to accommodate the baby. When the baby comes out and your body is back to its normal shape, stretch marks appear. There are ways to prevent stretch marks from appearing, but you have to consult with your doctor first, before heading on to it. Aside from surgery, stretch marks can also come from gaining weight or losing it.

The method of removing, or preventing stretch marks for that matter, should be a perfect match of how the marks came about, what your skin tone is, your physical condition, as well as your personal preferences. Overall, the best medication for stretch marks should be the best match for you.