Cellulite A No Cost Treatment That Worked

I have over the years observed the somewhat frantic effects suffered by women of all ages on the discovery of cellulite on their thighs and/or lower bum cheeks. More often than not the cellulite effect has been hardly noticeable to many mere males like myself, but, to the lassie concerned its mere presences plays on their mind constantly and creates a self-conscious fear that restrict them from wearing skimpy wear, bikinis and short dresses etc. The female by nature was designed to utilize her physical qualities to tantalize and coerce us more simple males to their bidding. Therefore legs and bottoms are major feminine action tools for such purpose.

As an older man who derives great enjoyment from the scantily clad female figure I set down my personal experience in the treatment of cellulite suffered by a particularly attractive 40-year-old redhead in the past. I must be clear, this is not medical advice, her condition was not severe like many others, but my concept of treatment did work over a period of time and, during which, I enjoyed a number of additional spin-off benefits. Ted’s treatment methodology is set out hereunder:

Subject: Female age 40, Average build, Red hair, Fair skin, Loveable personality. (Notes: hair coloring and skin immaterial, build and size might be a problem, loveable personality a great bonus)

Cellulite Condition: Top of right thigh, not particularly severe. (Note: If you have severe cellulite this process may not work, might take years or you might be better advised to see a doctor)

Required Equipment & Setting:

Lounge room at comfortable temperature.

Large lounge chair or sofa.

Three large towels.

TV or entertainment device facing said chair.

Immediate removal of any small people. They should be in bed anyway.

A bottle of any suitable massage oil (I even used cooking oil)

One applicator: you will need a suitable applicator (see below). Most women have one around the house. If you don’t then you may have to find one.

Treatment Process:

Lower the lighting in the lounge.

Place two towels on chair or sofa to prevent any oil stains.

Switch on visual or audio entertainment to programs of interest.

Prepare the Applicator; Note: In most cases the applicator should be a suitable Male (female optional) dressed in a manner comfortable to the female.

Prepare female (my case said redhead) in short nightdress or other short garment to allow uninhibited access to cellulite area.

Place applicator on chair/sofa in comfortable position so that female can lie on, or snuggle up too.

Place female positioned to right or left of the applicator dependent upon his/her being left or right handed.

Once comfortable Applicator should warm hands, rub oil onto working hand, then apply a gentle regular pressure circular massage onto said cellulite area. In addition, slight pinching effect to any fatty nodules to help break them down. Applicator must not be impatient and pinch to hurt the subject. Take time, believe me it’s worth it.

Repeat this process nightly (or other suitable time) for as long as it takes.

Cellulite is principally a build up of fatty tissue under the skin and this process of regular tissue massage may, in time break down that cellulite. It certainly worked the case of said redhead but it was a long haul over a number of months. It is essential there that the applicator has the constitution, dedication, and physical strength and strong will to maintain regular nightly treatment sessions of at least two hours and for as long as it takes.

I must caution however that with this treatment both subject and applicator are likely experience a powerful desire to divert away early for other sporting activity. Both should agree to endeavor to give good time to each treatment session before finally succumbing to the obvious activities.

From my personal experience all objectives were achieved. Said Redhead was cured of her cellulite and this applicator was ‘bright eyed and Busy tailed’ for every morning throughout the months of treatment.

Good Luck, I hope it works for you.