You Can’t Conceive? Could It Be Infertility? Find Out Now!

It is the joy of every woman to conceive and have her own baby, especially in societies where childless women are looked upon with castigation. In such circumstances, it could be more difficult for such women to conceive, probably as a result of stress and anxiety they might be facing. And it could even be infertility of either of the couple or both.

Even though many people might conclude that the cause is infertility of either the woman or her spouse, the truth is that getting pregnant involves many factors and it would be difficult to point accusing fingers at infertility of either of the couple without first visiting a qualified doctor to confirm and establish the cause of the inability of the woman to conceive.

However, before you conclude that you or your spouse is suffering from infertility and that there is need to see a doctor, you should ensure that you are having regular, unprotected sex for an upward of nine or ten months. This is because, conception could take some time in healthy couple without any underlying medical condition, be it infertility or something else.

If conception does not occur at the expiration of this waiting period, then you should visit your doctor who would guide you accordingly.

Of course, there are various medical tests that the doctor can carry out to establish if the cause of childlessness is infertility of either you or your spouse and the result of such tests would guide him to apply the right method or prescribe the right drugs or medications that can assist you to conceive.

One of such tests that the doctor can carry out, that I would talk about in this article, is to determine the availability or scarcity of cervical mucus, which plays a key role in getting a woman pregnant by ensuring that the semen of the man reaches the woman’s egg. If it is not present, there’s no way the sperm can reach the egg to fertilize it.

On the other hand, the cervical mucus might be adequately available but non-alkaline – a condition that is unfavorable to the sperm reaching the egg – because the acidic nature of the cervical mucus would kill the sperm before it gets to the egg and as such conception would not take place.

In addition to the availability of the cervical mucus in alkaline state, it must also be clear and sticky before there can be chances of conception.

In conclusion, the arrays of tests available to the doctor would enable him to determine what steps you need to take to become fertile and conceive. You shouldn’t worry, but rather you should focus on the tests and solutions that the doctor has made available to help you and your spouse become fertile and have your own baby.