Understanding The Fertility Awareness Method

Fertility awareness method is one of the oldest ways of telling when it’s best to get pregnant through monitoring their fertility cycles. Even though this method is already old, it will always be effective, most especially if used properly. Actually, there were mathematical artifacts that tell that women before used this method to track their fertility cycles. They found stone artifacts that had evidences telling that prehistoric women use this method as well.

Fertility cycle varies from one woman to another, usually in length. However, the average length is twenty-eight days. The first day of this cycle is the first day of a woman’s period and the last day is the day before she gets her period again. Normally, a woman is fertile in the middle of these days. However, there are instances when a woman is only fertile for a few hours and some are fertile for up to four days.

When a person says fertile, it means the ovary has released an egg to be met by a sperm. A pregnancy is possible if sexual intercourse is done before release of an egg. This is so because a sperm can live in a woman’s body for two days and it can wait there until the egg is released.

In order to use the fertility awareness method, a woman must check her vaginal discharge daily. This discharge changes as she goes through the cycle. Generally, a fertile discharge is stretchy. If a woman can pull the discharge with thumb and index finger without breaking, it most probably means that she is fertile. To get pregnant, it’s best to have intercourse during these days. If she doesn’t want to get pregnant, it’s recommended that she avoid intercourse within these days.

Birth control pills can affect the discharge as well as latex from a condom. Therefore, if a woman wants to use this method, she should not use any form of birth control for it to be accurate. This will keep the discharge free from all effects that birth control method can give. Also, she should be very diligent in checking discharge in the morning before having intercourse.

Fertility awareness method is one of the oldest ways that is still used in the modern world today. This doesn’t require any tool but a woman just needs to be consistent in checking her discharge. This method, although not accurate when done incorrectly, makes a woman know herself better and be free from the effects of birth control pills.