Medela Swing – Is This Your Breast Pump?

The Medela Swing breast pump is probably the most highly-regarded breast pump for both first time and experienced moms, thanks to the top quality materials the pump is made of, its choice of modes, and the wide range of replacement and spare parts.

Can’t decide which breast pump to buy for the special moment when you’ll start breastfeeding your baby? Then here are some features of the Medela Swing breast pump that will surely convince you that this device is a great choice for convenience, comfort, ease of use, and price.

  • The pump is very light and small, easy to handle and shares a comfortable design and shape. This is definitely an important feature for new moms who aren’t yet used to the baby’s eating schedule – this means that you’ll have to take the pump with you whether you’re at the office, on the road, traveling or at home.
  • Easy to use and effective – a very simple mechanism enables the user to select the desired pumping speed and vacuum power. What is more, as it works, the pump is designed to mimic the baby’s natural feeding action, thus stimulating lactation. This innovative technology reduces pumping time significantly, allowing maximum milk flow whenever it’s used.
  • Comfortable to use – all the materials used for the parts that come in contact with the breasts are very gentle and soft, so you won’t have to worry about getting rashes and irritations. A great majority of women using the Medela Swing breast pump describe it as extremely soft and comfortable. So, whether you’re an experienced mother or you’re not very familiar with using a breast pump, you can be confident that buying Medela Swing is a wise choice.
  • Reliable – the pump is very resistant and is especially designed for daily use, enjoying a long life span thanks to being constructed of durable materials. But in case any part gets damaged, you can easily replace it by purchasing new accessories produced by Medela: the company is renowned for its wide selection of pumping accessories.
  • Convenient – The Medela Swing breast pump works on batteries as well as plugged in, so whether you need to use it in the car or while at the office, you can simply take some minutes off and start the pumping device. The ergonomic pump comes with a very elegant travel bag meaning you don’t have to worry about looking ridiculous while transporting it in your purse.
  • Everything you need – the device is delivered with two different-sized bottles, tubing and AC adapter as well as a bottle-stand, a valve, one breast shield, three membranes, caps for all the bottles and a strap.

Whether your baby is already born or still has some months to spend inside your belly, all these features are strong arguments for considering purchasing The Medela Swing breast pump.