What Happens When Knee Cartilage Is Worn Out

Having a knee injury is certainly not okay. The pain it brings can be unbearable for you and for everyone else who are suffering from it. The level of pain you may experience will differ from how server is your knee injury. Worn out knee cartilage and bone is a serious condition that possibly occur after sports activities or accident. Torn or worn out knee cartilage is also known as meniscus tear. Meniscus tear is part of the bone which can be found between your tibia or the shin bone and your femur which is the upper leg bone. Your meniscus is helping in your movement, assist cushion to your knee joint in order for it to move and prevent any harm to your bones. If your meniscus is torn, this could lead to a serious bone problem.

Who May Suffer From Knee Cartilage Ware Out?

Anyone may suffer from worn out knee cartilage. Regardless of your age, gender and type of job, you can’t certainly claim that you are free from experiencing meniscus tear. Your knee joint is the most used joints in the body. It absorbs your entire weight. Your balance will be affected if your knee cartilage is worn out. Athletes and people who are working on the go are very prone to knee cartilage problem. If your cartilage is worn out, it can be caused by improper movement like sudden twisting and turning of the knee bone. In addition, people with degenerative bone disease history like arthritis are more likely to endure worn out cartilage.

What Could You Done If Your Knee Cartilage Is Worn Out?

There are many things you can do in order to protect your knee cartilage. Lists here are some suggestions you can carry out to prevent worn out cartilage or at least lessen the pain it brings.

· Invest with good health and right nutrition. This means that you must intake not just calcium rich food but also foods rich in protein, vitamins c, collagen and glucose.

· Quit bad habits. Strictly, do not smoke or quit smoking because this habit can increase inflammation in your body and apparently augment the pain you are suffering.

· Exercise. However, you should be extra careful in doing your routine because you do exercising improperly this could also lead to broken knee cartilage.

· Rest. This is important because you are giving your system time to rejuvenate. Your body has its natural process of repairing broken parts. Good rest can be achieved by getting adequate sleep at least 8-9 hours daily.

· Consult your trusted osteopath. Osteopath is bone doctor. They are the right doctor to talk about any related bone problems you maybe encountering.

If your tibia and femur is banging each other it means pain and this is what happens when your knee cartilage is worn out. You must seek for medical treatment before it gets worse.