Why a Massage Treatment Programme Is the Ideal Method for Stress Reduction

A good well-being encompasses fitness, health, and mentality or in other slightly similar words; to have a good well-being you need to be fit, healthy, and mentally happy.

There are many different ways to reach a good well-being such as exercising, eating healthily and keeping a positive mindset on life. Massage is often cited as a great tool to reach a great well-being not only because of its physical benefits but also because of its mental benefits. Essentially massage can make your mind, body and soul feel great.

So if you are feeling stressed, ‘under the cosh’ and you need to improve your state of mind, you should definitely consider massage.

What exactly is massage?

Most people will have a very clear idea of what massage is. Some people see it solely as a pampering session that people have on country breaks. Others see it as an ideal way to keep their body ticking over and in good nick. Whatever way you see it, you are likely to agree that massage is beneficial to you.

Before we look at exactly how massage can help with stress reduction, we should take a quick look at stress.

What is stress?

Stress is the feeling of being under pressure. Stress is feeling worried about something or perhaps in danger. Stress can make you feel terrible and have a very negative effect on the quality of your life.

Stress is often caused because of life’s demands such as work, family life and financial dealings. It can affect how you think and how you deal with life. It may cause headaches, it may shorten your temper, and it may make you dizzy and tense. In short stress is not great.

With all that said it is important to point out that it isn’t all bad either, sometimes it is good to feel stress, it can drive you to succeed, drive you to work harder. Stress when you are about to crash can help you react quicker to the danger. However in a lot of cases stress can certainly be avoided and as discussed above it should be.

How massage can help in stress reduction

So now we understand massage and stress a bit more, how can it help in stress reduction? To me there are a few clear ways a good massage programme can help reduce stress:

Massage as a pan relief:

Some of the symptoms of stress are headaches and tense muscles, this can often be painful. Luckily massage to specific areas is quite effective at reducing headaches and muscle tension, and therefore massage can help deal with the symptoms.

Not only that but non stress-related pain can cause stress. Say for example you have a bad back, this can potentially cause stress due to an inability to go to work or through the pain itself. A good massage programme can reduce this pain and ultimately reduce stress through this method.

Massage for athletic performance:

Sometimes knowing your fit and healthy is nice to know, it can make you feel better about yourself and life. Plus by using massage to improve athletic performance you are committing to an exercise programme routine which probably means you are committed to it. By simply being committed to an exercise programme you will be eating healthily and exercising regularly. Through scientific research we know that when we exercise our brain releases chemicals called endorphins which makes us feel better, endorphins fight stress.

Massage is relaxing:

Finally perhaps the most obvious way massage helps with stress reduction is the relaxation side of things. Many of you will have a massage to reduce pain or improve athletic performance but the majority of people enjoying a massage are doing just that, enjoying. Massage is often seen as a pampering tool, a relaxation technique where you heal your mental well-being.

Massage can often provide an ‘ahhhhh’ relaxing moment, it is peaceful, soothing and ultimately stress reducing. From a pampering point of view, the spa treatment side of massage alongside some aromatherapy and some much important ‘me time’ is certainly the most significant way massage reduces stress.