What’s Better, Beauty Therapy Or Cosmetic Surgery?

There is a definite argument in the world today between those using cosmetic surgery to improve their looks and those using beauty therapy to do the same. The reason the two conflict is that they are essentially the same thing, but provide very different ways achieving the results.

Cosmetic surgery is hugely invasive, requiring people to go under the knife to have their looks improved or altered to their specification. The advantages of this are that people can completely change their faces and bodies to look like a brand new person, which might be exactly what they want if they’re uncomfortable in their own skin, and it takes relatively little effort on their part. Sadly however, cosmetic surgery comes with a wide range of risks, from blood clots to adverse reactions to the drugs used, and all without the guarantee that the face or body someone ends up with is the one they want.

Beauty therapy can change the way someone looks over time, reducing the amount of fat in their body so it moves around and settles in less obvious places, until it’s mostly eventually gone. Beauty therapy can’t change the way someone’s face looks, but it can alter how they feel about themselves without the inherent risks of surgery. There are hundreds of beauty treatments out there for people to try, from massage to acupuncture, and by using the right combination of them, someone can vastly improve their attitude towards their looks and how comfortable they are in their bodies through measures that don’t result in a huge cost and weeks in hospital.

Cosmetic surgery can be incredibly dangerous, and the risks go up the more times that you have something done. Studies have shown that once people have had cosmetic surgery they will more than likely go back to have more work done on their body. Most people aren’t happy with the work they have done on their bodies, and can end up feeling very depressed as a result of not having the same face they had before. Beauty therapy allows people to change over time, and they’re usually more comfortable with those changes because they haven’t had to have surgery to achieve them.

In conclusion, cosmetic surgery is an effective way of altering someone’s appearance, but it often ends up displeasing the person because the surgery cost so much and doesn’t always give them what they want. Beauty therapy doesn’t change the way someone looks as drastically as surgery, but it helps them to be more comfortable in their own skin, and avoid feeling as though they have the worst appearance in the world without requiring surgery.