Why Prefer P-shot Dallas And Experimental Studies Of The P-shot Method.

Many medical disorders and diseases have more than one method of treatment. Doctors utilize that method that fits properly according to the specific needs of the treatment.

The different methods can be surgical, through a medication plan, or by performing a therapy. The methods of treatment of diseases have been under continuous evolution.

Different studies were carried out to look for alternate methods of treatment. This is due to the side effects, cost, time period, and other complications posed by the treatment.

Every newly discovered method was designed to be more efficient in carrying out the desired results.

Treatment methods of Male sex-related problems has also been changing. Although other methods like surgery, and medication are still used now, people prefer alternate methods like the P-shot method.

P-shot Dallas has been providing efficient medical care and delivering the best results to patients that have undergone P-shot.

A Caring and alert medical staff and a well-equipped system are necessary requirement for patients which is ensured here.

Experimental studies

Although, P shot is a very effective method that had continuously been delivering the best results to patients, still I’ll present some experimental studies conducted on patients that have experienced desired results through the P-shot treatment


A patient suffering from Erectile Dysfunction had a P-shot and his behavior to the treatment was studied.

His age was 44 and he had marriage problems. He had been continuously been using anti-depressants for a long time. He was on alcohol and drugs. This caused his body to become overweight.

All these factors are the main causes of erectile dysfunction and badly affect a man’s sexual health.

On undergoing the P-shot, he showed positive effects intermittently. After just 90 days, he showed pretty encouraging results.

His Erectile dysfunction was nearly cured. His all other problems vanished due to it. His relationship with his wife improved with time. He stopped abusing drugs and drinking alcohol. He got rid of his anxiety and depression problem.


Now is the case of a quite elderly patient.

His age was recorded as 62. But his Erectile Dysfunction problem was not new or due to his age factor, rather he was a patient of ED for no less than 10 years.

He was using medicinal drugs since the problem started. He had sleep problems.

These allopathic medicines had very negligible effects along with their side effects.

He was undergoing hormone replacement therapy. His relationship with his wife had also strained due to these problems. He did not take care of his diet.

Explained by: Dallas Anti-Aging and Wellness Center

He decided to take a P-shot. Astonishingly, he showed positive results in just 90 days although he suffered from the age factor. His relationship improved and he began to carry out normal intercourse with his wife.

These experimental studies and many more prove the efficiency of the P-shot treatment in curing Erectile Dysfunction and other related problems.

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