New Hairstyle Design: Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair falls off all the time. When you comb your hair, take a bath, get a new hairstyle design… you see some of your hair falling and it is a natural thing. Other hairs grow to fill in and replace the lost ones. But when should you be worried? Hair loss becomes a problem to worry about when the amount of hairs falling exceeds the normal. It is not hair shedding anymore, but you fear all your hair will fall off just by touching your head.

Excessive hair loss can soon become a serious problem which you worry about day and night. It is ideal that you know the reasons behind the problem, so that you can find a way to put an end to it. Beauty and hair experts break down some of the most possible reasons for hair loss. Read on to learn about them to keep yourself away from baldness with a hair loss treatment for women.

Reason One: Stress

You might be surprised to know that stress is one of the most important reasons why you might have severe hair loss. Anxiety can be harsh on hair, and there is no solution but to put an end to stress. Relax, take things easy, and you’ll realize with time that both your stress and hair loss are gone forever.

Reason Two: Hormones

You know it is a hormonal problem when your hair starts falling, and you notice hair growing in less desired areas such as the face and the chin. In this case, you need to visit the doctor in order to find out what the hormonal problem is and take medication.

Reason Three: Genetics

It is possible that your hair starts falling at a certain age because it is hereditary. There is something you can do about it, which is enriching your scalp with blood flow. Cloned stem cells are injected in the scalp and hair will start to grow again and fill in the bald spaces.

Reason Four: Allergy

Allergies related to foods can cause hair loss, especially gluten allergy. In this case, it is also best to see a doctor.

Reason Five: Malnutrition

Hair needs nutrition in order to be rich. You have to have good vitamin and protein intake. Fibers are also important. Focus on the consumption of fish, vegetables, almonds and chicken breast in case you have hair loss.

Do you face hair fall when getting new hairstyle design?