Eye Care – Tips for Beautiful Eyes

Sitting in front of the computer, reading books, watching television or simply just walking on the street all make your eyes overworked and look tired. Although you lead a very busy life, you should spare 15-20 minutes every day to take care of your eyes and help them relax. There are several ways to do this which just take so little of your time but give you wonderful results.

Cucumbers, potatoes and salt are usually available and ready to use in your kitchen, so why don’t you use those to enhance your eyes’ beauty? You can crush cucumbers and potatoes together, then dip a piece of cotton into that mixture and put the cotton piece on your eyelids for about 15 minutes. After that gently wash your eyelids with water and your eyes will become fresh again.

Another tip to maintain pure-looking eyes is using salt. Put a little salt into a water tub and wash your eyes everyday with that liquid. This method will help your eyes look bright and pure.

If your eyes get swollen, a fast way to help reduce the redness is to put a clean spoon into the fridge and then gently press that spoon onto the redness for some minutes. This is a simple but very effective and fast way. However, if you have more time, you can put some crushed potato into the fridge and then put that potato onto the redness.

Dark rings around your eyes can be another problem. If you have some coconut oil, use it to rub around your eyes for about 5 minutes a day. It will help reduce the dark rings gradually. In addition, there is another simpler way to deal with those dark rings. You can dip a piece of cotton into some cold milk and lay that cotton piece over the dark rings. Dark rings cannot disappear overnight, it takes some time to get rid of this problem so please, be patient and you will get your expected results!