Changing Opinions on RGP Contact Lenses

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses, also known as RGP lenses, have made quite a few strides over the past decade and can provide comfort and improved vision to the wearer. However, many people have a negative opinion associated with these lenses. Fortunately, these lenses have changed for the better and are on a comeback.

Rigid gas permeable lenses actually have quite a few bonuses that soft contact lenses cannot provide. For instance, RGP lenses provide the wearer with increased eye health because these contacts can breathe and circulate oxygen to the eye. RGP contact lenses have many positives and they just might change your opinion regarding these lenses.

RGP lenses are more durable and resistant to protein buildup than their softer counterparts. This leads to easier handling and clearer vision because buildup does not occur so easily. Also, these contacts generally provide clearer and crisper vision, anyway, because they are more rigid. RGP contacts are more durable and so they generally last longer because they are not so fragile. This is good for the RGP contact wearer because these contacts are a little pricier than soft lenses. However, they are generally cheaper over the long haul because they last so much longer if taken care of.

Another great trait of rigid gas permeable lenses is because of their durability they can be marked with L and R to denote which eye the lens is for. This certainly eliminates any confusion.

The biggest negative associated with RGP lenses these days is it takes longer for the eye to accept them and be accustomed to wearing them. This is opposed to soft lenses which generally just takes a few days. These lenses must also be worn on a regular basis so as not to go through the process of re-aclimating the eye to the lens.

If you had a negative opinion of RGP lenses in the past this information should show you that RGP lenses have come a long way and are certainly a viable contact lens option.