When Rhinoplasty Goes Wrong

Rhinoplasty is part of plastic surgery and as much as plastic surgery is a method of enhancing looks, things can as well go in the opposite direction. One of the cases of plastic surgery which went wrong is that of Hang Mioku, a 48 year old woman from South Korea. She was so addicted to plastic surgery that she injected her face with cooking oil. Because of this her face became extremely large. She had started going for plastic surgery when she was 28 years.

The list of nose jobs gone wrong cannot be complete without the late king of pop. Michael Jackson had a number of nose jobs which ended up very badly.

What Happens Next?

If your nose job goes wrong, the first thing you are not supposed to do is panic. The whole mistake can be reversed plus it is usually unnoticeable. This however does not mean that some problems are not mind boggling. Some of the common problems following the surgery are numbness, excess scarring, infections and even nerve destruction. Studies show that only twenty percent of persons who undergo this procedure go for correction.

What Exactly Could Go Wrong?

The first thing that could go wrong is the dip of the tip becoming too full. This is referred to as pollybeak deformity. This kind of mistake makes the nose look like a bird’s beak. This kind of deformity can be prevented and only occurs when the surgeon makes a mistake such as failure to reduce the cartilage present at the tip of the nose. It could also occur as a result if the surgeon being too aggressive when dealing with thick skin.

There is one common mistake that occurs when a reduction surgery has been done. This is the scooped out bridge mistake. In case the bump on the bridged is filed down excessively then this mistake is the result. Women can be happy because it results in a more feminine nose but it is worse for the men. This occurrence of this mistake can be minimized by using a file instead of a chisel unfortunately surgeons still prefer chisels. The use of a chisel blocks the doctor from seeing how they are progressing. Some parts of the body have to be used in reconstructing the fallen bridge.

The third mistake is made up of several problems relating to the nose tip. If the surgery is too aggressive then the tip will give in and what better example of such a mistake than the late king of pop? His nose collapsed almost every time. This could be as a result of too much cartilage being removed hence the nose cannot stand. The nostrils can become distorted and the tip becomes narrow. The only way to correct this error is add more cartilage where it was removed.

Last but not least is a mistake that occurs due to too much of something. The tip of the nose will become too prominent as a result of removing the bump. The problem with this error is that not very many surgeons are trained in the area of tip reconstruction.