What Is The Difference Between VASER Hi Def And 4D?

Both VASER HI Def and 4D are terms relevant to body sculpting. This unique cosmetic surgical procedure can create artificial musculature like six-pack abs as well as many other areas. Liposuction probes are used to groove superficial fat of the treatable area. The VASER equipment, which offers ultrasound assisted cannulas, are chosen by plastic surgeons as one of the most significant equipment to perform this. One can get body sculpture even without the VASER hi def ultrasound lipo, since the result depends on the surgeon in the end.

What Is Body Sculpting And How Is It Different From Body Contouring

The idea of body sculpting is to create grooves in the fat that look like defined musculature, as if one has acquired them at the gym. It is similar, but not simultaneous to body contouring. That means, body contouring is about removing fat from underneath the skin in order to flatten small pouches or bulges. The focus of body sculpture is to create undertones in the skin. For which it might remove a little amount of the patient’s subcutaneous fat, or even inject some back to create the right definition. Body sculpting may or may not include large amount of fat removal for body contouring. It is a common behavior in seeking patients to opt for body contouring along with VASER Hi Def, to get the most of the cost.

Treatable Areas For Body Sculpting

The abdomen is the most commonly treated area for body sculpting, with the six packs being the most iconic musculature definition, but it is not the only treatable area. Men that have Gynecomastia or male breasts, referred to the protrusion of the chest in men, appearing as breasts, seek this procedure as well to get a flat chest, and a defined torso. Other than that, 4D hi def may be used to contour, flanks, arms, and thighs.

The Procedure

The procedure is conducted under local anaesthesia until and unless a large volume fat loss is involved. The VASER hi Def or 4D probes are inserted inside the patient’s skin through tiny incisions. The surgeon gently oscillate the cannula inside skin to remove little localisation of subcutaneous fat, and once it is liquifyed, it is drained out of the body through aspiration.

After the fat is out, it is stored in a jar, which is a fluid consisting of fat, blood and other bodily fluids, the local anaesthetic, tiny bits of tissues. The fat is purified by removing the anaesthetic, tissues, etc. from it, and the purified fat is injected into the treatable areas, to create the grooves in the skin, that appear immediately.

Once the surgeon is done with the body sculpting, the incision wounds are cleaned and dressed, the surgeon might leave them open, so any residual fluid is drained out of them. And a compression garment is worn. The patient can walk out of the surgery as soon they feel up and about, which usually happens in 1-2hours post-surgery.

The Results

The patients can see the skin grooves, as their anticipated musculature definition as soon as the surgery is over, or even during the procedure, as they are awake under local anaesthesia. However, immediately after the surgery the treated area is swelled up. It might take up to 4-5months for the swelling to subside completely, so that the actual results can be seen.