Correct Bow Legs With Mini Invasive Surgery

Many people affected by bow legs are often aware of this problem. This awareness causes a great loss of confidence. Many bowlegged people don’t know there is the option to correct this common leg deformity with surgery.

Nowadays, surgery to correct bow legs and knocked knees is safe and accurate. Even people with the most obvious deformities can solve the problem with these procedures.

The procedure consists of realigning the bone with the mean of a computerized external fixation that guarantees the most aesthetic and functional result ever.

Surgeons execute this kind of surgery on a daily basis with amazingly good results. With this modern and advanced technique lots of people is now achieving their life dream of having straight good-looking legs.

This surgical technique has also helped to decrease the risk of osteoarthritis. This condition is in fact caused by leg deformities like bow legs and with this operation the risk of developing this terrible condition decreases drastically.

The advantage of using a computerized external fixation to correct bow leg and knocked knees is due to the accuracy of the technique and to the minimally invasive technique used. This kind of surgery is well available in the US and Europe, where many people are getting this problematic condition solved.

The perfect look of the legs after this procedure is another strong point of this new innovative technique. The scars are some mm small and they are perfectly straight. Previous techniques, which used internal plates, were not effective in correcting the look of the legs and the scares were much bigger. A surgeon willing to get a better looking and more accurate leg correction is now employing the computerized external fixation technique obtaining superior results both functionally and aesthetically. This technique is available from 15-16 years and over.

In childhood there are even easier techniques that give perfect results. To be able to get this surgery the interested person will need to see an expert leg deformity correction surgeon. During the consultation the doctor will assess the deformity and decide on the best plan to fix it. In the same consultation the doctor will show you pictures of the results and of the entire process. The next step is to have all the necessary medical tests and X-Rays. The X-Rays are necessary to estimate the amount of the deformity and to program the computer to execute the perfect correction.

Next step is to have the procedure performed, followed by a series of follow-up consultations.

Correcting bow legs are possible and easy with the new and most advanced techniques. The procedure consists of realigning the bone using a computerized external fixation. Surgeons perform surgery like this on a daily basis obtaining the best results ever. With these new innovative technique lots of people are now achieving their life dream of having straight good-looking legs.