5 Common Mistakes You Make With Conditioner

Regular use of conditioner is a simple, yet effective way to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. But, it is essential to use the conditioner in the right way. Here are five common mistakes that are often made by using this hair product:

Not matching your hair type

When it comes to using any hair care product it is important to consider things like your hair’s thickness, length, dryness, texture, and level of damage. Your hair is entirely different to the next person. The more specific the conditioner is the more effective it will be for your hair. For instance, those with colored hair will need a product that is specific to that particular need. Most conditioners have label directions, so read this carefully to make sure it matches your hair.

Starting in the wrong place

The preferred way to apply the conditioner is to start at the tips where it is likely to be more damaged, as well as being the oldest and driest. Slowly work your way up to the top of your head. If the conditioner is applied to the top first there is the risk of making the roots and scalp quite oily.

Not applying evenly

For those with little time in the mornings, there may be the tendency to apply the conditioner quite unevenly throughout the hair. But, it is much more advisable to distribute the conditioner with more care to make sure the hair is fully coated. The best way to quickly apply is to use a wide tooth comb which is especially useful with curls or thick hair.

Not rinsing the hair properly

If the hair isn’t thoroughly rinsed out and shampoo and conditioner are left behind this can lead to hair follicles getting clogged. This can mean there is a build up of hair products along the scalp which leads to the dull and lifeless hair. It pays to put in the extra time to make sure the hair is fully rinsed through. The longer rinsing session may be needed for those with wavy or thick hair.

Don’t rinse immediately

Rinsing immediately is the least effective way to keep the hair shiny and healthy. The conditioner acts much like a moisturizer so it can really benefit to give it a little time to start working and penetrate the hair strands. The best thing to do is leave it in place for one or two minutes before starting to rinse.