How a Memory Foam Mattress can Make you Feel Like a Teenager Again

The mattress industry is exploding as the Baby Boomers continue to age. As we get older, our joints and muscles seem to ache more and more and sleeping on the wrong mattress that actually accelerate and intensify the pain. Tradition coil and spring mattresses can actually place significant pressure on isolated spots on your body. When you wake in the morning, this spots are very sore and your may often feel stiff. So how can a memory foam mattress make you feel like a teenage again?

This is an easy question to answer. Memory foam is pressure and temperature sensitive polyurethane that compresses under the weight of your body. It actually molds to your entire shape supporting you from head to toe. Its advantage is that it doesn’t put any strain or stress on your joints or isolated spots because your entire body is supported. When you wake in the morning, you will feel well rested and some people claim they are pain free. A number of leading arthritis doctors have recommended memory foam mattresses and pillows for their patients who tend to have a difficult time sleeping due to joint pain.

What to look for when shopping for memory foam mattresses:

Foam density is something you will want to consider when buying memory foam mattresses and pillows. Density of the foam is measured in pounds. If you prefer a slightly harder mattress, we recommend 5lb density. This density is more temperature sensitive, and because it is heavier, it takes slightly longer to regain its shape once you are off the bed. 4lb density is softer but is less temperature sensitive and therefore will provide slightly less support than 5lb. Both are excellent choices, it will mainly boil down to personal preferences. The advantage to both is that if you will never feel your sleep partner roll over again.

How memory foam works:

Memory foams works in conjunction with your body weight and temperature. The foam automatically adjusts to every body position while your sleep ensuring that you are fully supported at all times. This is why you will feel well rested and pain free morning after morning. If you suffer from a sore back or neck, be sure to investigate memory foam pillows. These pillows are specially designed to fit into the contours of your neck to provide complete head support while you sleep. Keeping your head properly aligned while you sleep will also help alleviate any neck pain and soreness.